Livia is the first scientifically proven wearable solution for period pain relief.

Say goodbye to costly pain medications, bulky hot water bottles, and waiting for pain to subside. With Livia, you’ll experience instant relief without the side effects and restrictions of traditional pain management solutions.

Scientifically Proven
Drug Free
Reusable Solution
Compact & Discreet


Livia, proven effective in clinical trials, is strongly recommended by leading women's health experts

Livia’s patented SmartWave™ technology is helping women across the globe overcome menstrual pain more effectively, quickly, and safely than with drugs. Using electric micro-pulses to tap into the body’s natural pain defenses, Livia prevents menstrual pain from being felt. Unlike pain medications, there are no side-effects to using Livia, and the female body cannot build a tolerance to it. Livia is portable, fashion-forward, easy to use, and can be worn discreetly under outfits. Moreover, its long-life rechargeable battery makes Livia reusable for years.


1. Attach Livia Livia is designed to clip comfortably and discreetly to your waistband. Once clipped, simply attach the electrode gel pads to your lower abdomen.
2. Turn Livia On With the press of a button, Livia gets to work immediately, stopping pain in its tracks. Adjust the pulses to your preferred intensity with the -/+ buttons.
3. Feel Relief Enjoy safe, comfortable, and discreet relief that moves with you – so you can get on with your day, pain-free.


The technology behind Livia is based on the “Gate Control Theory” and works by transmitting a very unique pulse to keep the nerves “busy.” When the nerves are stimulated, the nerve gate is closed, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain and being felt.
Absolutely! Livia can eliminate strong menstrual pains and provides significant relief, even in the most severe cases.
Nope! Livia exists to provide drug-free relief from menstrual pains. It relies on nerve stimulation to remove the need for painkillers.
Once Livia is on, you’ll start to feel relief within 30-60 seconds!
It sure does! We never compromise on customer satisfaction – so despite testing for ultimate comfort and quality, we’ve also added a 2-year warranty for the device, not including accessories. (You won’t need it, but it’s nice to have!)
All orders are posted Royal Mail Tracked-48. Delivery is usually between 3-5 Days in mainland UK and up to 5 days non-mainland UK. In some cases, due to the high demand – delivery may take up to 30 days. We will notify you ASAP should this be the case.